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The world’s best value, instructional and easy to use coastal navigation training system!

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Capt. Peter Wood

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We have designed the Coastal Navigation  -  it’s easy!’  course to be a complete low cost course covering all aspects of coastal navigation.  It features full narration, video, hundreds of illustrations and animated graphics and step-by-step examples.

There are relevant exercises included that give you ample opportunity to engage in actual coastal navigation chartwork activities!

Whether you are new to boating or a seasoned professional who just wants a ‘refresher’ this course will take you from the basics right through to a stage where you should be able to pass any exam on coastal navigation with the relevant authorities.

‘Coastal Navigation - it’s easy!’ is presented in an easy-to-understand format and based on the coastal navigation modules of the many coastal navigation courses successfully conducted for many years in various parts of the world.

It includes Chart interpretation, Coordinates, Latitude, Longitude, finding and plotting courses, the Compass, Variation, Deviation, Set and Drift, Radar, GPS and much much more!

There are three International editions, - one each for Australia (over 500 units sold), The United Kingdom and the United States of America each using charts relevant to their area.

To select the edition that suits your area (USA, UK or Australia) please click here for full details of that edition.

With ‘Coastal Navigation - it’s easy!’  you learn at YOUR PACE  -  at YOUR PLACE  - whenever YOU want!

                      YOU PROBABLY NEVER WILL!

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